Company profile

Archivion Ltd. Archiving Services and Business Data Management, founded in 1994, provides highly efficient, secure archiving and storage solutions to thousands of clients from all over the country, under the direct supervision of Israel's State Archive – a division of the Prime Minister's Office.

The company's storage facilities, covering an area of approximately 10,000 sq. meters, are located in the environs of Israel's Ben Gurion Airport. All company facilities are supervised by the State Archives – a division of the Prime Minister's Office – and are subject to annual reviews.

The company holds the 2008 ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management Standard, awarded by the IQC as a certification of its meeting all applicable regulatory requirements concerning archiving services and storage.

The company proudly serves over 5,200 clients, including, Bank Otsar Ha-hayal, City Bank Group, Leumi Card, YES Satellite TV, Microsoft Ltd., Check Point Software Technologies, Ness Group, the Jerusalem Municipality, Ashtrom Group, Pazgas, Supergas, , Negev Ceramics, ColMobil Group and various Law and accountant firms.

Archivion is a member of the Israel Archives Assocation and of the Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce. The company's General Manager, Ronen Cohen Tsemach, currently serves as Chairman of Israel's Privately Owned Storage Facilities Division.

Mr. Cohen Tsemach holds an MBA in Business Administration and Information Systems Management, and is certified for archive management by the Civil Service Commission. A team of highly skilled and service-oriented personnel are employed in order to best serve customers and all company employees undergo periodical training in the fields of document storage and retainment, logistic management, security and information management systems etc.

Services and Working Methodology

Archivion provides highly efficient, professional and reliable services, including info management and data classification, storage and retrieval. Available services include media and document scanning, backup of encrypted data through server farms and storage of digital media in controlled secure vaults. The company's proprietary "Archivion Etgar" software – a dedicated info and content management tool – is implemented on-site to streamline the customer's data management system, offering unique capabilities such as updates, retrieval and controlled destruction. The software further allows clients to maintain on-line, secure communication with Archivion.

Rest assured that your documents are in good hands

Archivion is a certified Ministry of Defense supplier (no. 83731387). All company employees undergo strict security checks and are bound by a confidentiality agreement.
The company takes all necessary measures to ensure maximum security and safety:

  • Info protection system with client identification capabilities
  • Shielded vehicles controlled by Ituran and Pointer tracking and alarm systems
  • 24-hr. monitoring through highly advanced, integrated systems combining alarms, digital cameras and smoke and fire detection.
  • Comprehensive warranty covering fire damages, illegal entry, natural disasters etc.
  • To ensure maximum safety, storage facilities are clean, ventilated and out of reach of any flammable materials.
  • The company holds all necessary licenses including ISO 9002, safety, security and environmental quality certifications, business management certification etc.

Why Archivion?

Save You Money

When using Archivion services, you not only save space – you're also able to cut back on your rent and property tax payments, as well as on various expenses such as personnel, racking and storage, fire detection and extinction equipment, security and data protection tools, and info management software. But mostly, you can save time.

Save Space

Not only do you save valuable office space, you no longer have to be concerned by the need to constantly expand your premises in order to allow for more storage space. Freeing up space can also lead to considerable reductions in rent and property tax payments.

Save the need to hire dedicated personnel

Archivion provides comprehensive professional services including material reviewing, classification, packing, indexing and typing. If you need to retrieve a folder, you no longer have to spend time looking for it. One push of a button is all it takes to locate and sort data. The material you need will be delivered to your desk in a sealed envelope within 24 hrs.

And you can also save in other ways

Archivion takes care of your documents, in full compliance with all regulatory standards. Archivion storage facilities are designed in a way meant to ensure document longevity, and are therefore fully equipped with advanced safety and security tools:

  • Smoke detection systems
  • Automatic water spraying systems
  • Active, concealed alarm systems
  • 24-hr active digital cameras for inside and outside monitoring
  • Central Patrol Station located nearby
  • Premises are guarded at all times.
  • Modular shelving for storage of all kinds of documents.
  • Periodical disinfestations
  • Substantial reduction of insurance expenses due to the acquisition of a comprehensive
  • Company Policy

  • Professional liability policy, ensuring warranty in case of any damage
  • Document restoration policy
  • Policy covering all goods in transit
  • Third party policy.Sums of policies are subject to annual updates and may reach millions of dollars per year.

You Save Time

Instead of company employees wasting hours on searching, packing and organizing, Archivion personnel handle all requests in the fastest, most efficient manner, delivering documents to the customer's premises in the shortest possible time.

Streamlined document handling and packing

Archivion supplies all required means of packing and storage free of charge.
You no longer have to purchase filing cases, nor maintain inventories.
The company provides forms and barcode labels, while efficiently taking care of all packing, filing and record management processes.The company provides consultation services regarding storage terms, desirable filing methods and paperwork handling.

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